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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  September 2, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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you're supposed to spread facts, not experimental lie you work for "the washington post." mike wise gets top honors on the list that you don't want to be on on this night. remember, stay with us. stay with us right here because we're going to be your hurricane headquarters throughout the evening. this thing could be touching around the carolinas 2:00 a.m. that's our show. that's our show. here now, "larry king live." -- captions by vitac -- >> larry: tonight, a monster storm. hurricane earl striking north carolina's outer banks. warnings and watches are up along the east coast. high surf, deadly rip currents threaten everybody. we've got live reports from those in earl's path. and then israeli and palestinian leaders are meeting with president obama. can decades-old conflict ever be
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resolved? they got a one-year deadline. and the former secretary of state, madeleine al bright is here to tell us what's at stake this time. it's all next on "larry king live." all eyes are on hurricane earl, including rob marciano's. the cnn news and weather anchor is in kill devil hills, north carolina. rob, what's the situation right now? >> winds have been increasing. we haven't seen a lot of rain, larry. this storm now a category 2. just over 100 miles to our south and heading in this direction. it will be abreast of my position here at about 2:00 in the morning. so folks here are going to be sweating it out until then. to make sure that it does pass off shore as opposed to making a landfall here on outer banks before it heads up to new england. the forecast is to keep it off shore. we hope that remains true.
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precautionary measures have been the usual item. evacuation orders given. especially for folks who live in some of the outer barrier islands south of here. and those evacuations have taken place. yesterday people were a little bit casual about this storm. and then early this morning when that eye opened up, people certainly took it very seriously, and lots of folks got out of dodge. there are still people here who have hunkered down. we haven't seen the wrath of this thing yet, larry. that will come overnight, which often is the worst time when it's dark and there's a bad storm coming down. larry. >> larry: that's rob marciano. atlanta, chad myers at the cnn weather center. he's the cnn weather anchor and severe weather expert at all. chad, is it ain't what we thunk? >> it isn't the category 4 it was yesterday. this was a 145-mile-per-hour little monster in the southern part here of the atlantic.
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the good news is, it has fallen apart a little bit. the biggest thing, follow my finger here, this is what the storm has done in the past hour or so. turned to the right. away from right there. that's cape hatteras. that right there, that's rob marciano. the more it turns away, the further it gets away from cape hatteras, the less damage it will do. if this thing literally would have waited five more hours before it turned, it would be over here. and it would be making direct landfall in north carolina. five hours. that's it. that's all we basically lucked out by with this storm. it's big. it's 110 miles per hour. it's not category 3 anymore. it's not category 4. it's still a very big storm. it may even make a run at nantucket, at cape cod, 85 miles per hour. that will take shingles off a home. hurricane hunter aircraft. little airplane there. they're out in it all night. we don't have updates every three or four hours, we have
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updates every 30 seconds from that airplane. larry. >> larry: thanks, chad. always atop the scene. now, to massachusetts. susan candiotti. susan, the governor patrick has declared a state of emergency. what's the thinking there? do they think it's going to come and hit them? >> well, it's possible, just like the carolinas, they are hoping and praying here, too, that earl will stay off shore. that will be the best scenario here. with that state of emergency in effect, they're also waiting for an okay for president obama for federal funding to support what they've been doing here. for most part, people appear to be ready. but they have prepositioned a lot of materials. including meals and water and generators and tarps. even medical supplies. now, in terms of evacuations, they haven't ordered any yet. but tonight in some areas here in cape cod they are sending out some prerecorded phone alerts to people who live in especially dangerous areas that are low lying and prone to flooding. asking those people to get out
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first thing in the morning. but of course ultimately it will be up to them. in terms of shelters, there will be six available. they will start to open up tomorrow here on cape cod. so, while most people appear to be ready to ride out the storm, not true with tourism. in fact, the chamber of commerce is saying they are taking a monstrous hit, of course, on this major labor day weekend. some hotels are only operating at 40% capacity. and finally, larry, last time there was a direct hit here in new england was back in 1991, hurricane bob. minimal damage then. they hope that hurricane earl stays off shore and that the same will hold true this time around and that they'll dodge a bull bullet. >> larry: thanks, susan. let's hope you have little to report. hard to say to a reporter but let's hope that's true. in los angeles, bill nye, the science guy. author, inventor, emmy-winning tv host. anything striking to you about earl? >> it's huge. you look at these pictures. it's as long as north carolina and south carolina combined. it's almost as long north to
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south as florida. although it's weakened, substantially, it's still an enormous storm. >> larry: if it keeps going right, is bermuda threatened? >> no. i would say no. but it's north of that. it's funny you should mention bermuda because there's this mythic thing we call the bermuda dome or the bermuda high. so it's high pressure system that sits off the coast of north america and the storm will go along the edge of it. that's part of why it steers right. going to its right. >> larry: who's most likely to be damaged severely? >> on the outer banks of north carolina. where rob is. that's very flat area. i spend a lot of time there. emerald isle, north carolina. that's where sea turtles breed. a lot of wildlife there. when you start tearing things up with a big storm -- >> larry: how about big population centers like washington, baltimore, new york? >> i think they're okay.
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the storm's weakened already from several tens of miles an hour. it will start weakening. >> larry: i think i'm learning more. been doing hurricanes for a long time. hey, we're going to have another firsthand account of hurricane earl as it barrels along the east coast. you want to say earl. hurricane earl. it's coming up next. don't go away. [ female announcer ] lunch at red lobster... it's laughs over a coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad.
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so, protect yourself. use your phone to find a business with the superguarantee®. only from®. and let the good guys come to the rescue. >> larry: joining us now from kill devil hills, north carolina, is its mayor. mayor ray sturger. rob marciano just told us, mayor, and bill nye confirmed, if anyone is going to get hit hard as it passes, it's going to be your area. how concerned are you? >> we're concerned, particularly about the areas just south of here, on hatteras island where it look like a lot of water will pile up and pass over the top. >> larry: a lot of emergency preparations. >> a lot of work went on today. we pretty much got the entire
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tourist population off of the island. i'm standing on the deck right now, larry. i can hear the ocean's roar. i can see the clouds moving around. i'm about a half a mile back from the ocean and i can smell it. >> larry: why are you staying in kill devil hills? >> larry, i'm the mayor. i've got to stay here. this is my responsibility. >> larry: is this the worst so far since you've been there? >> it equals the worst. recent experience about five years wag hurricane isabel was pretty frightening. but at the peak of its power, this storm was more frightening. the amount of water it's displacing is still very frightening. >> larry: good luck to you, mayor, we'll keep in constant touch. bill, what's the threat there? the fact they're flat? >> yeah, it's low, and the hurricane is huge, it's going to be persistent, that is to say it's going to be hard for a long time. after the front edge goes by, it's many, many hours before the back edge goes by.
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it's going to be raining the whole time. and then -- so hurricanes go this way, it's on the hurricane's left, which is good, but still, it will be a lot of water -- >> larry: good it's on left? >> the wind is not prone to carrying water on shore as much. the right side is -- >> larry: in other word, you would not want to be a ship in the north atlantic now? >> no. well, north atlantic, let's say within 100 nautical miles of the shore, yeah 150 -- >> larry: so the worst winds are to the right? >> generally, yeah. you're talking about if it's moving 18 miles an hour, i would say 10 miles an hour, then it's 110 on one side and 100 on the other. >> larry: if it keeps turning? a severe right? >> you saw the predicted paths, which is based on sophisticated pressure measurements in the atmosphere. everybody thinks it will turn to its own right as it goes north. >> larry: let's hope.
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>> now, this is -- it's an imperfect thing. you see when they show the storm track it gets wider. as it goes north. that's because it's more uncertain. but this -- let me just slip in, this is a big hurricane. it's only the first of september. hurricane season normally goes to november. this could be the first of many. >> larry: we'll check in with the national hurricane center in miami. fema too ahead. [ male announce] marie callender's invites you back to lunch, with a new line of fresh recipes. like chicken teriyaki with water chestnuts. it steams to perfection in minutes, giving the fresh flavors and textures of a homemade meal. marie's new steamed meals. it's time to savor.
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. >> larry: let's go to my old stomping grounds. ed rappaport is its deputy director. would you call hurricane earl dangerous, ed? >> is still is, particularly if you live in a coastal area. the outer banks of north carolina and southeastern new england, cape cod, nantucket, martha's vineyard, are the areas we're concerned about. >> larry: what does type 2 mean?
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>> usually call it by categories. 1 through 5. category 2 means the winds are on the order of 95 to 110 miles per hour. that's sustained or average, with higher gusts. that's strong enough to cause structural damage, bring trees down, power poles. more importantly, perhaps along the coast, is that it pushes the water inland. in this case, we're concerned about a storm surge on the order of 2 to 5 feet. that's a rise of water 2 to 5 feet along portions of the outer banks. >> larry: bill nye pointed out this is only september 2nd. can we expect more this season, hurricanes? >> oh, i'm sure we'll have more hurricanes. there are a couple systems back behind this one, which while they're not immediate threats to the united states, could redevelop and pose a threat in the days and weeks ahead.
9:18 pm
part of the season, september's often the most active month. where we get some of the most intense hurricanes. the ones that cause most of the damage and most of the loss of life in this country. >> larry: finally, no two are the same. what strikes you most about earl? >> so far, earl's maintained a course that's pretty much on track. that's good news because it looks like the center will remain off shore from north carolina. and that will keep the worst of the weather off shore. they're still likely to have tropical storms f s foforce win. and then down the road, we still have some risk for southern new england. about a day from now. so tomorrow night and into saturday. >> larry: thank you so much, as always. right on the job. ed rappaport at the hurricane center in miami.
9:19 pm
let's go now by phone to bobby outen, he's manager of dare county, north carolina. we understand you're calling us from emergency management headquarters in mantao, north carolina. what's the situation, bobby? >> right now, here it's calm and raining. we're waiting for the worst to come. we're probably a couple hours away before the stronger winds come. hatteras is probably 50 miles or so south of us. and that's where we expect the worst of it to be. >> larry: how are the evacuations going? >> the evacuations went well. we got everybody off hatteras yesterday so we got the people out of harm's way down there. today, we got most of the people off the ocean front in the towns and areas north of hatteras. those are the area wes were most concerned with. i think those evacuations have gone well. >> larry: is anybody holding out or did you get them all off? >> i'm sure there are people holding out. i talked with nags head earlier this morning.
9:20 pm
most everyone, maybe two or three, out of the whole area stayed. i know kitty hawk has evacuated most of their ocean front as well. >> larry: is the federal government helping yet or is it too early? >> it's too early. they're all on standby. the agencies call us regularly. they're ready to help if we need it. everybody's now standing by to see what happens. >> larry: thanks, bobby. bobby outen, manager of dare county, north carolina, good luck. let's go to fema headquarters in washington, d.c. craig fewgait is the administrator of fema. thanks for joining us. fema got kind of a bad name in katrina. have we overcome that? is fema ready able and willing to tackle whatever occurs here? >> i think we are, mr. king. we were moving folks in several days before the hurricane ever got up to the coast. we've been working with governor purder perdue's teams there. we have teams in all the coastal
9:21 pm
states ready to support them, up to the new england states. we're not going to wait till things get bad. we've got supplies going into fort bragg in case they're needed. down in north carolina. we have supplyies going to massachusetts in case they're needed there. our role is to support the governors. if we think they need it, we're going to make sure it's ready to go. >> larry: the president signed an emergency declaration for north carolina. what does that mean? >> what it does for the governor here, it helps her for the cost of the response. provides up to 75% federal dollars to support that. as well as being able to provide direct federal assistance if they need additional resources. again, we were there already. in a standby mode. this give us the ability to help in the response and also some of the cost of this evacuation. >> larry: so the manpower materials are there? >> yes, sir, we've been working to get things in place because we're not sure. we didn't know which area would be hit the most.
9:22 pm
we just didn't take the chance. again, our direction for president obama was prepare for the worst and hope for best. >> larry: and, craig, did we learn a lot from katrina? >> i think so, sir. one of the things congress did in 2006 was change the law. it clarified that fema could provide resources and get ready to go prior to a governor's request. and, again, when we see a hurricane coming, we can get things there ahead of time. so the lessons of katrina, our partners in red cross have been doing this, take these lessons. we know the things we have to be prepared for. children and infants. so we have to remember the governors and many of the local officials, they're prepared as well. our goal is not to be back waiting for things to fail but to be there to support. the leadership of the governors and local official, the people we're supporting, is what's key in making this work. >> larry: craig fugate, the fema
9:23 pm
administrator, on top of the scene. let's spend a couple more minutes with bill nye, the science guy. what strikes you the most about this one? >> its size. >> larry: the size. >> the expanse of it. >> larry: what causes a storm to pick up strength? >> the warm water. the energy in the water. >> larry: why does it reduce strength? >> when the water cools off, because there's no longer this tendency for -- you know the expression hot air rises, that's only true because cool air is squeezing it up. so if you're in outer space, there is no hot air rising. so the cool air is squeezing the warm air up. when that difference in temperature, between the warm water and cool air around it is lower, when there's less difference, there's less drive. doesn't get pushed up as much. >> larry: hurricanes are -- they're phenomenal, aren't they? >> it's astonishing. they're enormous. they start off the coast of africa. >> larry: they all do, right?
9:24 pm
>> for us, in north america, yeah. they work their way westward. and because the earth is spinning and because gravity's pushing it down and these two accelerations combine and make the thing spin an enormous -- 300 miles across. crazy. >> larry: must have been crazy, years ago, without all this -- >> oh, without these satellites. >> larry: these spanish ships spluft be must have been -- one day you're clear and the next day you're gone. >> when you get very, very low pressure, the ocean can make these enormous peaks and valleys. and it would be a clear day. in certain conditions, you'd be seeing blue sky. >> larry: i've seen it across miami many times. >> it's astonishing. >> larry: any benefits to a hurricane? >> they move energy from the equator to the upper latitudes, both north and south. hurricanes and typhoons. that is keeping the atmosphere's
9:25 pm
energy in balance. >> larry: so nature's always working? >> nature's always working. >> larry: some of us are in its path. >> that's right, some of us are in its path. as i've said on this program in the past, it is very frustrating when you see buildings that are unprepared. buildings that are built in that area that aren't set up for this sort of storm. >> larry: it's a shame. thanks, bill. >> well, you think you're saving money about are you really? thank you. >> larry: bill nye, the science guy. next, former secretary of state madeleine albright will talk about the latest israeli/palestinian peace talks. don't go away. [ children laughing ]
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9:29 pm
david summit between ehud barack back in 2000. are you hopeful? >> i am hopeful. i'm always an optimist. i say i'm an optimist who worries a lot. there are lots of things that could go wrong. i think it is very important that this summit was called, that president obama and secretary clinton, senator mitchell, are so deeply involved. and what was really good news today was that senator mitchell explained that there would be another meeting in a couple of weeks somewhere in the region. i think that's a very important sign. >> larry: hamas, though, makes public statements they're going to continue to cause trouble. >> well, they will. i mean, i think that has to be expected. because they are a beneficiary when there isn't peace. by the way, somebody that i
9:30 pm
always recollect in this regard is prime minister rabin who used to say, we have to negotiate as if there were no terrorists and fight terrorism as if we weren't negotiating. we can't let hamas and violence have a veto over these talks. >> larry: the last time he was with us a little while ago, prime minister netanyahu seemed to have bent quite a bit toward the middle. he was very open to talks, to settling this thing. much more on the peace front than in the past. do you agree? >> i do. i have listened very carefully to the statements he's made in the last few days. i think he's definitely saying all the right things. and showing compassion towards the palestinians. restating the importance of security for the peeve itople o israel. saying that there needs to be a solution of two states. so i think that he is showing every sign of being open to ideas. but we're going to have to see
9:31 pm
how this whole thing proceeds. >> larry: what's the role of the president in this? >> well, the president has made very clear that he thinks that it is in america's national interest to have these talks go forward. i think it's very important that he summon these leaders together. but he has also said something that is so evident is that the united states cannot impose a solution. the parties themselves are the ones that have to come to an agreement. but he is kind of the person that can do some closing to bring the people together. you mentioned about camp david. president clinton really worked on this from the beginning of his administration. so i think the u.s. does have a role. but ultimately, it's the parties that have to make the difference. >> larry: what value does mubarak of egypt and abdullah of jordan bring to this? >> i'm glad you brought that up. i think one of the things we didn't really do as well as we
9:32 pm
should have at camp david was to have some of the moderate arab countries there to validate and to really give support to the palestinians. and so i think it's very important that president mubarak was there and that king abdullah was there. i thought their statements yesterday at the white house were also very supportive. i think at some point others have to be brought in. the saudis. there is a whole arab initiative out there. and so i think it's a very important step forward. i applaud that. >> larry: the ten-month moratorium on israel building settlements expires september 26th. what's going to happen? >> well, i think we don't know. i think that is one of the issues. clearly, the settlements are a part of final status issues. but that is the issue out there, that people are looking at. and the american position has not changed on this. senator mitchell kept saying that. and so i think that we'll just
9:33 pm
have to see where this is going to be. but it is one of the very biggest of the final status issues. >> larry: what about the specter of a nuclear iran? does that hover over these talks? >> well, it certainly hovers over the whole middle eastern situation. it is something that is of great concern. the united states has taken a very strong position on that. there's a new sanctions resolution against iran in the united nations. other countries are -- from everything that i can see -- abiding by it. and the united states also has additional unilateral sanctions. and so there's a lot of pressure there. but it clearly is something that is on prime minister netanyahu's mind. and obviously on our mind also. >> larry: thanks, madeleine, always good seeing you. you look great. >> thank you, good to be with you, larry. >> larry: former secretary of state madeleine al bright. ari fleisher and jamie rubin are next. don't go away.
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>> larry: two more distinguished guests. ari fleisher served as white house press for president george w. bush. jamie rubin was united states assistant secretary of state and chief state department spokesman during the clinton administration. all right, ari, are you hopeful about all of this? >> sure, larry, i think you always start these exercising being hopeful. as americans, we want to be hopeful about achieving peace around the world. but realistically, a long way to go. i think the fundamental issue remains. mahmoud abbas, the leader of the palestinians, is a good man. he want peace. but is he strong enough to deliver the palestinian people who i'm not sure want peace? that's a big issue. he represents a very divided populous that i'm not sure at the end of the day he's going to be strong enough to lead them the way sadat was or jordanian king hussein was, both of whom did make peace. >> larry: james, how do you see it? >> i think the important thing is for the united states to
9:38 pm
exercise its leadership role in the world and the world expects us to play a unique role in this area. the united states is the only country in the world that has and can exert influence on both the palestinians and the israelis. i think by pursuing and seeking this peace process, you do two things. one, when the leaders are meeting, when the process is ongoing, at least you improve the chances that there won't be a deterioration, another conflict won't result. and number two, we show the world that we're involved. and i think when we do that, when we're not just pursuing our national interest through the use of force in afghanistan and the use of force in iraq, but actually pursuing our peacemaking role, i think it improves the power of the united states and the respect for the united states around the world. >> larry: ari, all this up front, is that a better idea than backdoor dealing?
9:39 pm
>> well, you really do both in diplomacy. and events like what president obama held at the white house yesterday are profoundly important. that image in the arab world of seeing hosni mubarak, the president of egypt, and king abdullah of jordan walking together with prime minister netanyahu and mahmoud abbas. it's a wonderful signal to send about the possibilities. and this is america's role. and i was glad to see that take place. powerful symbolism and hopeful reality here in the beginning. there also will be over time backdoor negotiations. other people sending messages. that will be a good sign too. diplomacy typically works at both levels. when you start to get down to the real brass tack, the real things that divide people, it becomes extraordinarily delicate. it takes trusted partners to help push people over the finish line jz. >> larry: james, man ooup has a coalition government. abbas is challenged by hamas. how much strength do these two men bring to the table?
9:40 pm
>> the real challenge in the middle east is precisely that. i think most people know the general outlines of how this has to be resolved with two states. the problem has been to get the right people in the room at the right time, pursuing the right solution. when it comes to prime minister netanyahu, he does have a fair amount of political power in israel right now. he has been saying things that give people great optimism. the issue with him is his negotiating style. he knee gonegotiates over every. he's someone who will fight tooth and nail for a package of proposals. will try to link them together. he will engage in bluffs. when he was at the why river negotiations and he wanted to show that he was prepared to leave, he ordered his delegation to put their suitcases out and to say that he was going to depart because he wasn't getting what he wanted. as it turned out, one of our
9:41 pm
security guys lifted up one of the suitcases and it was empty. so the threat didn't really work that well. for abbas, i think his problem is he's shown a willingness to sit back and hope that the israelis and the united states will disagree and that the united states will put pressure on israel. so he's been quoted as saying that he's happy doing nothing and watching the united states and israel fight it out. and so i think that's the challenge, is to make sure we keep the negotiating tactics to a minimum and that president abbas understands that without his movement and his decisions, this is not going to be possible. >> larry: ari, you're a pr expert, what are you going to be listening for? >> i'll be listening for the things you can't hear. i'll be listening for what takes place behind the scenes as trust gets built. if prime minister netanyahu really starts to think he is a
9:42 pm
partner with prime minister -- with president abbas. that's the type of dynamic that needs to start in private between two leaders. the leaders, interestingly, are the ones going to be doing a lot of this negotiating. which is significant. and you have to have that trust start to grow and start to build because that's how you tackle the difficult issues. i expect we on the outside will have a hard time seeing that. it becomes a dynamic between the two people. at the end of the day israel will have to say to itself if we agree to these concessions, if we pull back from the borders, because now we've given up territory, can they rely on a palestinian government to keep the peace? that to me is a huge issue. because i'm not sure they can. i remember, larry, on september 11th, people in ramallah took to the streets to cheer that america got hit. does president abbas have people who want peace in his country, enough to get peace? >> larry: we'll have both of you back in the days ahead. i know both of you are baseball
9:43 pm
fans. ahead, is ralph franka. we'll check in with chad myers and get another update on hurricane earl next. [ female announcer ] lunch at red lobster...
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>> larry: let's check in with anderson cooper. he'll host "a.c. 360" at the top of the hour. >> we're following the breaking news on hurricane earl of course. north carolina bracing for a hit tonight. the rest of the east coast also anticipating hits from the storm. evacuation orders are in effect. new states of emergency declared today to tell you about. we'll bring you the latest. we'll show you what it looks like right now on the beaches. also, my interview with congresswoman johnson. she's at the center of a scholarship scandal in texas. she says she didn't know about ruling giving donated money to her relatives. she said she didn't even know it was unethical.
9:47 pm
plus, governor brewer's debate debacle. she's at a loss for words during a debate. it's one of the oddest moments we've probably ever seen in a debate. we'll show you the tape. those stories a lot more, larry, at the top of the hour. >> larry: it is an incredible tape. "a.c. 360." let's go back to chad myers. he's at the weather desk. what's the latest on earl? >> getting a little bit slower. a little bit. 110 miles per hour. but not getting smaller, larry. this is florida. the top of my screen is virginia. so almost all of i-95 south of virginia would be filled up by the size of this hurricane, category 2, so it's 110 miles per hour. it was bigger than that yesterday. but still, that's still a dangerous storm. hurricane hunter aircraft still flying through the storm right now. it will continue to turn to the right. it will make a run at
9:48 pm
narangaset. will make a run at nantucket, cape cod. that will be tomorrow night at this time. right now, it's going to do a glancing blow at north carolina. what does glancing really mean? it means that we're going to pile up water along these outer banks and in many spots push that water over the top of those islands. and that could cut the islands in half. happens all the time. it also means they'll probably be water completely over all of those outer banks. that's why they evacuated those islands. that's why they did it yesterday, even though some people got in traffic jams today. larry. >> and it's only september 2nd. and september could be the worst. chad myer, always atop the scene. chad myers, our weather expert. as kids across the united states head to school, many will be carrying a new backpack loaded with school supplies or wearing new cambodia, the cost of even basic supplies often keeps children from attending class. this week's cnn's hero is a
9:49 pm
survivor of the ruthless khmer rouge regime. she's using money to earns as a tour guide to educate cambodia's poor. watch. >> in the countryside in cambodia, some children, they come to school. but not very regular. the school is free, but they don't have any money. how can they have the money for uniforms and supplies? my name is ponheary ly. i help the children go to school. at the beginning, i got only one girl. after that, 40 children. and now 2,000. after several years, i see the change. because they know how to read and write. and they borrow the books from our library to read for their
9:50 pm
parents. i need them to have a good education to build their own family, as well as to build their own country. >> larry: our hero and her organization have helped more than 2,000 children receive an education. to help our hero educate more kids, go to speaking of heroes, ralph franka is next. ♪ you're the one ♪ who's born to care this life was protected... ♪ seems you've always been right there ♪ this life was saved... ♪ soothing sadness ♪ healing pain and this life was made easier... ♪ making smiles appear again because of this life. nursing. at johnson & johnson,
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i hate to worry. [ male announcer ] in these changing times, the name on your medicare health plan may be more important than ever. choose a company you can depend on. call now. >> larry: on second base. thompson. the giants win the pennant! the giants win the pennant! the giants win the pennant! the giants win the pennant! >> larry: great clip. welcome to "larry king live," one of my favorite of all ball
9:54 pm
players, ralph franka threw the pitch that thompson hit called the shot heard round the world, voted the greatest moment in baseball history, i think it's the greatest moment in sports history and the saddest moment of my life. i know you went to bobby's memorial service. what was it like? >> it was very, very nice, larry. i had to go to say good-bye to an old friend and i once said i lost the game, but i made a friend. and bobby and i became close. at first, it was very difficult for me, but after i got to know bobby and we attended certain award dinners, golf tournaments, other functions, i got to know him. we started to talk and we became very, very close friends. it was a very rewarding ceremony. it was conducted in his hometown and the family was there. and i was happy and proud to be there, because i consider him a
9:55 pm
real good guy, gentile man. >> larry: even though, ralph, we have since discovered the strong possibility that he was tipped off to that pitch by a telescope in center field. it's now regarded as fact. you didn't hold it against him, though, right? >> no, i didn't hold it against him. whom i hold it against is the giant front office, whoever the key people in the front office, leo derosa and the two team leaders alvin dark and eddie stank. we roomed together and he was a very devout catholic and i was really astonished that he would vote what i call the most despicable act of the game, go off the field, look through a telescope, hook up a buzzer system to the bull pen and the dugout and relay all the signs. this was a team that was 59-51 before they started doing this. then they ended up being 36-7.
9:56 pm
everybody said oh, just pl play .500. you have a 13-game lead. that's exactly what we did. we played .500. which you, as a dodger fan would know, was a terrible, terrible .500. >> how, ralph, did you get over that? >> well, i think part of it was after the game, ann and i were going to be married in 17 days, you know, the 20th. we went out and in -- a priest, dean of campus ministries, father pat reilly and i said why me? why me? i do everything right. i don't abuse myself. i love this game. and he said god chose you because he knew your faith would be strong enough to bear this cross. so, i accepted that. it may just be jesuit philosophy. i accept that. my brother, john, who you know,
9:57 pm
the boxing commissioner, he said, listen, just tell people that who would you send in, in that spot, the best pitcher you had or the worst pitcher? truthfully, i wasn't really having a great year until, i'm going to say, september. i was leading the league in e.r.a. and september, you know the song goes, what's too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget. so, i forget september but i can't forget october 1, 2 and 3. >> and your nephew is bobby valentine, great manager. >> no, no, my son-in-law. he's married to my daughter, mary. >> larry: married to your daughter. your nephew is john branca, the lawyer of the michael jackson estate? >> right. john branca is a lawyer and billy branca, his brother, is an agent with william morris. he's a good kid. he's working on me to write a book or produce some documentary or movie.
9:58 pm
so, billy's working on that. he has some division. i don't remember. >> larry: do you cringe every time they show that film? >> no, no. it's old hat, you know what? i just look at it and just say, hey, it's ancient history. it's about reading about the civil war and so many people of that era are gone, dodger fans and giants fans. we're talking 60 years later. how many are there? they're all gone. truthfully, i noticed once the book came out, first wall street journal on january 31st, 2001, and then he wrote a book that came out five years later. i noticed that baseball does not talk about that as being the most memorable moment in baseball history. they kind of shuffled it under the rug. >> larry: embarrassing.
9:59 pm
>> well, nothing was done about it, you know. i think when it was discovered, i think then the commissioner should have rewarded the dodger team national league rings. i mean, because we really deserved to win the pennant and -- >> larry: no one would agree with you more as you wrote and signed a picture of yourself to me, the giants stole the pennant. i'm glad you remained friends with bobby thomson. you write that book, come back, we'll do a whole program. great seeing you looking so great, ralph. thanks for being with us. >> and you look perfect. i thank you for having me on. as i say, i'm going to miss bobby thomson but life goes on. i last my brother, john in july. that's another great loss. >> larry: thanks, ralph. >> thank you, larry, for having me on. >> larry: ralph branca, he will live in forever in history. on a sad note, we extend our
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